Developer Guide
Extending the Form Engine

Extending the Form Engine

You might want to customize the Form Engine in various ways. For example, you might want to:

  • Add custom expression helpers.
  • Add custom validators and error logic.
  • Add custom components.
  • Add custom fields.
  • Add custom styling.
  • Change how expressions get run.
  • Change how questions, sections and pages get rendered, and so on.

Running the Form Engine locally

  • Fork and clone the AMPATH Form Engine (opens in a new tab) repository.

  • Install dependencies by running:

    npm install
  • Create a production build of the Form Engine by running:

    npm run build:lib
  • Launch a live development server on port 4200 using:

    npm run start

    Visit https://localhost:4200 in your browser. You should see a sample form (opens in a new tab) rendered in the default Encounter Viewer view. Here, you're able to interact with the various form fields and even submit the form.

  • Modify the Form Engine. Changes made to the Form Engine will be reflected automatically in the live development server.