Developer Guide
Deploy the Form Builder on your server

Setting up the Form builder on your server


You will need to have Docker (opens in a new tab) installed and running on your system. We recommend using the latest version of Docker Desktop.

Clone the Form builder (opens in a new tab) repository:

git clone

Navigate to the ngx-openmrs-formbuilder directory and install dependencies using:

npm install

Create a Dockerized build by running:

docker build -t ng2-openmrs-formbuilder .

Setup environment variables as follows:

export OPENMRS_SECURE=false
ℹ️ (opens in a new tab) is the OpenMRS host served by Docker on Linux. This could be different on Mac OS or Windows.


You could optionally tag (opens in a new tab) your build if you wish to push it to Docker Hub e.g. docker build -t ng2-openmrs-formbuilder:bug-fixes

Spin up your Docker image using:

docker compose up

This will fire up a local server on http://localhost:4200.


I get an unknown openmrs_host_url variable error

  • You may run into the following error:

    [emerg] 1#1: unknown "openmrs_host_url" variable
    nginx: [emerg] unknown "openmrs_host_url" variable

    To fix it, use lowercase for the environment variables in the set up step:

    export openmrs_host_url =
    export openmrs_secure = false